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On the Internet, you almost never see a photo of naked Emma Stone. One of those celebrities who does not like to show off. Emma is a Hollywood actress who starred in several popular Hollywood films. Among them, "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" (2009) - Ellison's role, "Sex on Friendship" (2011) - played Kyle, "The New Spider-Man" (2012) and "The New Spider-Man. High tension "(2014) - the girl of Spider-Man Gwen Stacy and others.

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Height: 168 cm Weight: 52 kg Breast size: 1st Foot size: 39 Hair color: red Eye color: green Family status: since January 20, 2015, engaged to Andrew Garfield

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Shape parameters:

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waist measurement - 62 cm

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the volume of the hips is 87 cm

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