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Naked Olga Kabo first appeared on TV in a comedy detective "Two arrows. Detective Stone Age "(1989) in the role of the Turtle. At the fifty second minute of the actress had sex with the actor Alexander Kuznetsov (the role of Ushasty).

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In the historical adventure film "Knight's Castle" (1990), the star naked was showered in the company of another woman. This moment you can look at the fifteenth minute. Very clearly, the actress showed her lovely breasts.

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Naked ass Cape see in the horror "Rat funeral" (1995). And in the film there was a nude American actress and model Maria Ford (Madeleine's role).

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Height: 180 cm Weight: 64 kg Breast size: 3rd Marital status: married since nineteenth March 2009 for businessman Nikol Razgulyaev

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