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Naked singer Natali appeared in March 2011 on the cover of SPEED Info magazine. In the photo without censorship you can see the real breast of the star. After a long break Natalia again wins her heart with her new frank clips.

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In March 2014, naked Natali reappeared in the magazine SPEED Info, but this time she showed the fans not much - only partially her waist and chest.

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In August 2016, the celebrity in her Instagram published a photo, on which she was without clothes and all in spruce branches. She is such a vulgar singer. Let's hope that in the near future she will please us with her candid photos. By the way, do not you think that Natasha is a bit like another Russian singer Valeria?

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Height: 165 cm Weight: 58 kg Breast size: 2-nd Marital status: married to the twenty-fourth of August 1991 for Alexander Rudin (sound engineer)

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