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She hit millions of men, her body looks very sexy and seductive even in 50 years - the naked Monica Bellucci in our next collection of celebrities. Played many major roles in the films. Her photos were decorated many times with covers of world magazines. Repeatedly naked Bellucci acted in films, among them there are such films as "Bandits" (1990), "Lottery" (1991), "Destiny of Ostinato" (1992), "Dracula" (1992), "There will be no holiday" (2000), Malena (2000), The Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001), Irreversible (2002), The Secret Agents (2004), How Much Do You Cost? (2005) ), "The Brotherhood of Stone" (2006), "Shoot them" (2007), "The Man Who Loves" (2008), "Baaria" (2009), "Do not Look Back" (2009), "That Summer of Passion" (2011 ), "Love: Instructions for Use" (2011) and others.

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