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Scandalous celebrity naked Amber Heard also joined our collection of lovers to take pictures of themselves on the phone. The nude photos of the actress got into the network the same way as the photo of her fellow-sufferer Jennifer Lawrence. Amber is also famous for her unconventional orientation - this she announced in 2010 at one of the parties. From 2008-2010, she met with a female photographer, Tasei Van Rie. As you know, in 2012, Hurd and Johnny Depp spun a novel, after joint shootings in the film. For the sake of Ember, he left his beloved Vanessa Paradi, a French actress, who had been living with unofficial marriage since 1998. But the embarrassment - in 2013, Emby changes Depp with twenty-six-year-old Marie de Villepin, the youngest daughter of the former (2005-2007) prime minister of France, Dominique de Villepin.

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